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Homeless Youth

25,000 Age Out Each Year


Why Teen Homelessness?

There are more homeless right now than at any other time in American History. More than 1.5 million of them are youth. Already three out of every ten homeless adults admit to a history of foster care and with 25,000 kids aging out of foster care each year, expects suggest more than 40% will experience homelessness.

It is the goal of Do1Thing to empower homeless youth to move themselves from homelessness to permanent housing. Empowerment comes by outfitting the teens with training, items and supplies needed to overcome their current situations and move forward.

1 Thing, 1 Cause, 1 Change

Do 1 Thing is our call to action to make a difference. As photojournalists we’ve spent a lifetime on the sidelines documenting history. Now, it’s our turn to help shape it.

We believe that by focusing our efforts on highlighting 1 Cause while asking people to do 1 Thing for that cause, great change will come.

We lead Do 1 Thing by innovating, inspiring and designing new solutions to highlight critical social problems.

Do1Thing moves beyond awareness alone and seeks to design innovative sustainable solutions by promoting and supporting the work of those non profits who have a long history of providing education, health care, job training and temporary housing to homeless youth.  Through sustainable projects they are moving teenagers from a life on the streets to permanent housing and a future.

On Valentines Day 2009 we put a face on homelessness, now we’re asking you to put a face on activism by doing1thing to help the tens of thousands of homeless teenagers who need our support.

Let’s Change The Face of Homelessness Together